Sales Engagement Logging in HubSpot

Miodrag Magyar
Last updated February 8, 2024
Sales Engagement Logging in HubSpot

As businesses continue embracing WhatsApp as a powerful communication tool, efficient tracking, and reporting become paramount. This is where Engagement Logging in HubSpot comes into play. In this article, we’ll focus on how Rasayel Engagement Logging integrates with HubSpot, bringing you a robust, data-driven communication strategy.

What is Engagement Logging?

Every time an agent reaches out to a customer (outbound message), the activity is registered as an engagement log in HubSpot. The registration happens automatically and in real-time. Each log shows the name of the agent who sent the message. For more information, you can extend the log to see the time and message content.

This feature is only available within the HubSpot WhatsApp integration by Rasayel.

Engagement logging on HubSpot.

Important note: Engagement Logging is different from Activity Logging. To learn about Activity Logging, read our post “Rasayel Activity Logging in HubSpot.”

Why use Rasayel Engagement Logging in HubSpot?

The integration of Rasayel Engagement Logging in HubSpot is a game-changer for businesses that strive for efficient and data-driven customer communication strategies. This potent combination brings a suite of benefits that enhance your team’s performance and provide critical insights into customer behavior.

Here’s an in-depth look at why you should leverage Rasayel Engagement Logging in HubSpot:

Enhanced performance metrics

You can accurately track and assess your team’s performance. With each engagement clearly attributed to a specific agent, you can evaluate the volume of outbound communication generated by individual team members. You can identify the top performers, pinpoint agents who might need extra support, and develop targeted training programs to elevate team productivity.

Improved customer insights

With Engagement Logging, you gain valuable insights into when and how often your customers are being contacted. These insights can inform your communication strategies, ensuring your customers are neither over-communicated nor under-communicated. They can also help you identify high-engagement periods, allowing you to allocate resources during these times better.

Customized reporting

With customizable reports, you can focus on the specific metrics that matter most to your business. Whether it’s the number of outbound messages per agent, the most frequently used message templates, or the number of conversations initiated, you can easily create a report to track it.

Streamlined processes

The automation of engagement logging eliminates the need for manual record-keeping, freeing up your agents to focus on what they do best - engaging with customers. By reducing administrative tasks, you increase the efficiency of your team and decrease the potential for human error in logging engagements.

Increased efficiency

Over time, analyzing your engagement logs can reveal patterns and trends in your communication strategy. For example, if certain message templates are used more frequently than others, this could indicate that these templates are particularly effective. This insight allows you to refine your messaging strategy, ultimately increasing its overall efficiency.

Actionable data

Every logged engagement provides a data point that can be used to understand your operations better. Over time, this wealth of data can guide decision-making processes, strategic planning, and operational improvements. With Rasayel and HubSpot, every message sent becomes an opportunity to learn and improve.

Improved accountability

With the transparency of engagement logging, every message is accounted for. This level of accountability ensures that no customer message slips through the cracks. Furthermore, it enables the identification of any bottlenecks or issues in the communication process, allowing for swift resolution.

How to Use Engagement Logging in Your Sales Strategy

Rasayel adds valuable context to HubSpot through Engagement Logging, allowing you to gain deeper insights into your communication strategies. Here are some use-case examples:

Template analysis

When you send a message template from Rasayel, the engagement is logged in HubSpot, providing visibility into which templates were used, how frequently, and their overall impact. Break down the filter by “Rasayel Template Name” to see what WhatsApp Message Templates are sent to your customers.

Message type tracking

Use the “Rasayel Message type” breakdown to see the different types of messages sent, such as text, images, templates, etc.

Segmented reports

Break down the report by “Rasayel Channel Name,” email, template name, and other criteria to gain specific insights into different aspects of communication.

Agent performance

Engagements have an owner, and by breaking down the counts by “Activity assigned to,” you can analyze individual agent performance and identify the best-performing team members.

Creating Engagement Logging reports

To begin creating reports with Engagement Logging, follow these steps:

  1. Click on “Reports” in HubSpot to access the reporting section.
  2. Select “Create report” and choose “Custom Report Builder.”
  3. Choose “Activities” as the basis for your report, as this represents the Engagement Logging automated by Rasayel.
  4. On the next page, you’ll find all the available properties to select for your report.
    1. To track the number of activities per month, place “Count of activities” on the Y-axis and “Activity date” on the X-axis.
    2. To specify the time period, apply a filter to the “Activity date” and choose “is after.” Add the date corresponding to one month earlier (or any desired period) to view relevant data.
    3. For a more detailed breakdown, consider filtering the report by week or day to analyze the daily engagement metrics.

Impact of Logging Engagement in HubSpot

The most significant advantage of Rasayel Engagement Logging is its impact on report generation. HubSpot offers a robust reporting feature that enables you to create custom dashboards and extract valuable insights from your data.

For example, you can create a report on the number of contacts or companies logged every month. But it doesn’t stop there. By leveraging the “Activities” feature – automated Engagement Logging provided by Rasayel – you can gain insights into the frequency and type of activities happening within your company.

Report in HubSpot created with Engagement Logging.

The potential of Engagement Logging

The examples provided above merely scratch the surface of the vast potential of Engagement Logging. This powerful tool offers almost limitless possibilities, enabling you to customize your approach to meet your unique needs.

While I’ve highlighted specific functionalities and benefits, it’s important to note that these are just starting points. The actual scope of Engagement Logging with Rasayel in HubSpot goes far beyond these examples, covering a wide range of business scenarios and demands.

By experimenting with various properties and filters, you can tailor your reports to align perfectly with your strategic objectives. Furthermore, the integration of Rasayel and HubSpot enables you to examine your engagements from different angles, providing a holistic view of your customer interactions. This allows you to unearth nuanced insights that might be missed in a less comprehensive system.

In essence, the real value of Engagement Logging lies in its flexibility and adaptability. To fully harness its potential, I encourage you to dive in, explore, and experiment. By doing so, you’ll discover the most beneficial and insightful ways to leverage this tool in alignment with your business goals. Remember, every business is unique - and so should be your approach to Engagement Logging.


Rasayel Engagement Logging in HubSpot presents a powerful tool for businesses to streamline WhatsApp communication, monitor agent performance, and gain valuable insights through comprehensive reporting. By leveraging this feature, businesses can unlock the true potential of HubSpot’s reporting capabilities and elevate their customer communication strategies to new heights. Embrace Rasayel Engagement Logging and revolutionize the way you connect with your customers on WhatsApp.

Frequently Asked Questions

In HubSpot, “engagements” refer to various interactions or activities that occur between your business and your contacts or customers.

Engagement Logging is a feature in that automatically records every outbound WhatsApp message sent by an agent as an engagement log in HubSpot. This log includes the agent’s name, the time of the message, and the message content, providing detailed insights into customer-agent interactions.

The benefits include enhanced performance metrics, improved customer insights, customized reporting, streamlined processes, increased efficiency, actionable data, and improved accountability. These features collectively contribute to a more efficient and data-driven communication strategy.

Yes, you can create customized reports in HubSpot using the data from Rasayel Engagement Logging. This allows for detailed analysis of various aspects like message types, agent performance, and customer engagement patterns.

Yes, Rasayel Engagement Logging allows you to track individual agent performance by showing which agent sent each message. This can help in assessing productivity and providing targeted training.

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