Driving more sales with WhatsApp chatbots

Miodrag Magyar
Last updated December 20, 2023
Driving more sales with WhatsApp chatbots

Chatbots are the new hot thing in the world of conversational communications. Businesses use WhatsApp chatbots with interactive text messages to optimize customer service and boost revenue. These chatbots provide automated customer engagement and an efficient way for businesses, especially growing startups, to interact with their customers.

In this article, we’ll discuss what makes WhatsApp chatbots a powerful tool for driving sales and increasing customer engagement, how they can save you time and resources, automate repetitive tasks, and provide personalized and timely customer communication. But before we do that, it’s important to understand the world of WhatsApp today.

WhatsApp in a nutshell

There’s no better time than now to leverage WhatsApp, whether you have a B2B or B2C business. The goal of any marketer or customer service team should be to prioritize the individual, and real-time messaging apps like WhatsApp are perfect for that.

WhatsApp can help you personalize your communications like never before. It’s an effective tool for quickly and efficiently managing customer relationships. If you still haven’t integrated WhatsApp into your marketing strategy, now is the time to do it. With over two billion active users, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in 2023. There are also more than fifty million businesses using WhatsApp Business to connect and interact with their customers, and you should too.

You can use the WhatsApp Business app or the more advanced solution - WhatsApp Business Platform/API. If you are interested in using WhatsApp for marketing, sales, and customer relationship management, the platform gives you way more opportunities to grow your business and provide a remarkable customer experience. By connecting the API (Application Programming Interface) to a customer communication platform like Rasayel, you can scale your communications by leveraging tools and features such as:

  • Shared WhatsApp Inbox
  • Integrations
  • Message templates
  • Interactive messages
  • Detailed analytics and reports
  • Complex automation and chatbots

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WhatsApp chatbots shaping customer communications in 2023

WhatsApp chatbots are transforming how businesses communicate with their customers, providing a more efficient and effective way to engage and gather information. As businesses continue to see the benefits of chatbots, their usage is expected to increase in the coming years.

One advantage of chatbots is the ability to set up quick replies in WhatsApp chats, give customers information about your product or service, provide links to your website, or even display your location.

Additionally, chatbots can be used to reach out to potential customers who have visited your website or installed your app but have not yet made a purchase, offering them additional support and information to help them make a decision.

Providing high-quality content is crucial to keep your customers engaged and interested in your business. This could include videos, images, or printed materials highlighting your products. By giving your customers the information they want and need, you can maintain their excitement and interest in your business.

WhatsApp chatbot for sales

You can improve customer engagement, streamline sales processes, and drive revenue growth by leveraging the power of WhatsApp chatbots. Here are some most common use cases of WhatsApp chatbots:

Lead generation

Chatbots can be used to collect information from potential customers and qualify leads. For example, a chatbot can ask questions about a customer’s needs and preferences and use that information to recommend products or services that align with their interests.

chatbot lead generation

Nissan KSA is a prime example of the effectiveness of incorporating a WhatsApp chatbot into a marketing strategy. In just six months, the chatbot generated more than 5,000 leads and played a role in selling 32 cars, providing a remarkable 34-fold return on investment from increased sales alone.

Product recommendations

Chatbots can recommend products to customers based on their previous purchases or interactions with the chatbot. This can help upsell and cross-sell products to existing customers.

chatbot product recommendation

Order processing

Chatbots can handle the entire order process, from product selection to payment. This can streamline the checkout process and make it more convenient for customers.

Sales follow up

Chatbots can use customer data to personalize messages with the customer’s name, purchase history, and other relevant details. This helps to make the conversation feel more personal and engaging, which in turn can help to build stronger relationships with customers and drive more sales.

Customer support

Chatbots can provide fast and efficient customer support, answering common questions and assisting with orders and returns. This can help improve the overall customer experience and increase customer satisfaction.

Marketing campaigns

Chatbots can send targeted marketing messages and promotions to customers, increasing the chances of making a sale. Plus, creating a chatbot flow in Rasayel is so easy, you can do it in less then one minute.

Tips for creating a functional WhatsApp chatbot

To be functional, a WhatsApp chatbot must communicate effectively with users and provide useful and relevant information or support. It should also be able to handle a variety of user inputs and adapt to different situations and contexts. Here are some tips for creating a functional WhatsApp chatbot:

Identify the purpose of your chatbot

Before you start building your chatbot, knowing what you want it to do is crucial. Do you want it to answer FAQs, provide customer support, or something else? Knowing the purpose of your chatbot will help you determine the type of content and functionality it should have.

Use a chatbot builder platform

There are many platforms available that allow you to create chatbots without the need for coding skills. With Rasayel, you can create a WhatsApp chatbot in just a few easy steps to streamline your communications.


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Define your chatbot’s personality

Your chatbot needs to have a consistent personality that reflects your brand. This will help make your chatbot feel more human and engaging to your users.

Create a conversation flow

To make your chatbot effective, you’ll need to create a conversation flow that guides users through the chatbot experience. This can include things like greeting messages, prompts for user input, and responses to user questions.


Test and refine your chatbot

Before you launch your chatbot, be sure to test it thoroughly to ensure that it’s functioning correctly and providing the desired user experience. As you use your chatbot, you may need to update and refine its performance.

Use analytics to track performance

Chatbot platforms often provide analytics reports that allow you to track your chatbot’s performance. Use this data to identify areas where your chatbot could be improved and make updates as needed.

Keep your chatbot up to date

As your business changes, it’s essential to keep your chatbot up to date with the latest information and functionality. This will help ensure that it remains useful and relevant to your users.

5 brands using WhatsApp chatbots the right way

Many brands have successfully implemented chatbots on WhatsApp to improve customer experience and drive business objectives. These are just a few examples of the many brands using WhatsApp chatbots successfully.


One of India’s top glassware firms, Borosil, has developed an AI chatbot to assist customers with query resolutions, order inquiries, shipping, and payment assistance through WhatsApp. The chatbot also enables customers to track their shipments instantly. One standout feature is the chat flow with buttons for specific tasks such as service requests and tracking orders.

A conversation with Brosil’s WhatsApp chatbot.


This well-known global pizza brand has created an interactive WhatsApp chatbot called Dom to assist its customers with ordering pizzas and tracking their progress. The chatbot also provides instant notifications to customers when they place an order. What makes this WhatsApp chatbot convenient and effective is the ability for customers to reorder from their previous orders.


Tata Mutual Fund

This respected fund house in India, offers a range of investment and financing options. To improve customer support, the company developed a WhatsApp financial chatbot that successfully resolved over 90% of customer queries. What makes this WhatsApp chatbot so effective is its ability to provide comprehensive, conversational support to all customers.

A conversation with Tata Mutual Fund’s WhatsApp chatbot

Stars of Africa

A renowned youth football academy, Stars of Africa has produced many successful professional football players who have gone on to represent teams in Europe and the South African national team. However, the academy was struggling to keep up with the high volume of inquiries about trials, coaching, and league matches that were coming in via WhatsApp. As a result, the academy decided to build a WhatsApp chatbot to help manage these messages more effectively. The chatbot was designed to help the academy respond more quickly to customer inquiries and provide a convenient way for people to communicate with the academy using WhatsApp.

The chatbot’s success lies in its ability to guide applicants through a fully automated registration process and export all collected applicant data to Google Sheets. The chatbot also provides information about the trial process, sends reminders about trial dates, and allows candidates to check results. As a result of implementing this automation via WhatsApp, the academy saw a 70% increase in trial attendance and a 60% increase in trial revenue.

A conversation with Stars of Africa’s WhatsApp chatbot


JioMart, part of Reliance Industries, provides grocery services to customers in India. To assist with orders and provide customer support, the company developed a WhatsApp e-commerce chatbot. This chatbot has become the company’s primary source for shopping and customer support. One crucial quality responsible for the chatbot’s success is its ability to answer a wide range of queries, from simple to complex, even identifying spelling mistakes and offering proper support.

A conversation with JioMart’s WhatsApp chatbot


By implementing WhatsApp chatbots into your marketing and customer relationship management strategies, you can take advantage of the many benefits chatbots have to offer, including improved efficiency, cost savings, and increased customer satisfaction. Whether a small startup or a large enterprise, WhatsApp chatbots can help you achieve your business goals and provide a better customer experience.

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