Boosting sales in healthcare with WhatsApp

Miodrag Magyar
Published April 20, 2023
Last updated July 20, 2023
Boosting sales in healthcare with WhatsApp

In today’s digital age, customer communication and support are essential to any successful business strategy. This is especially true for healthcare and cosmetics brands that rely heavily on building and maintaining meaningful customer relationships.

With the increasing popularity of WhatsApp, these brands now have a unique opportunity to connect with customers in a more personalized and efficient way. Modern consumers prefer real-time and conversational messaging with their favorite brands. In fact, customers expect brands to communicate with them in a friendly, approachable manner, similar to how they talk to their family and friends.

By leveraging the power of WhatsApp, healthcare brands can not only qualify leads but convert them into sales.

The power of WhatsApp

With the WhatsApp Business app, you have a communication channel to manage customer interactions. It offers features like a business profile, basic message automation, quick replies, and message labels.

On the other hand, the WhatsApp Business Platform/API provides more advanced features, allowing you to use a team inbox, Like Rasayel, for a more seamless customer experience. You can integrate your WhatsApp account with thousands of software and tools, automate workflows, use chatbots, track customer data and behavior, and more.

Furthermore, one of the key features of WhatsApp Business API, interactive message templates, can increase your engagement and click-through rates. These messages allow your customers to respond by choosing one of the suggested answers or taking a specific action.

With a customer communications platform like Rasayel, you can create a robust sales and marketing funnel, providing customers with a streamlined and personalized experience from the initial point of contact to closing the sale.

Build your WhatsApp audience

Promoting WhatsApp on social media with click-to-WhatsApp ads can be a game-changer. By making it easy for your customers to connect with you on WhatsApp, you can provide a more personalized and convenient experience for their patients.

Patients can ask questions, schedule appointments, and receive healthcare advice through a messaging app they already use daily. This can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately resulting in higher sales.

Click to WhatsApp Facebook ad

To learn more about click-to-WhatsApp ads, read our recent article: How to Create Click-to-WhatsApp Ads to Grow Your Business.

You can also integrate a WhatsApp widget on your website. This allows customers to easily initiate a WhatsApp chat with you without leaving the website.

WhatsApp widget on a landing page

To learn how to create a WhatsApp widget, read our past article: WhatsApp Widget versus WhatsApp Chat Button.

WhatsApp use cases for sales in your healthcare and wellness business

Let’s dive into the various use cases of WhatsApp in your sales:

Generate leads with QR codes and Widget

By including a QR code on your website or marketing materials, potential customers can easily scan the code to connect with your WhatsApp account. This provides a convenient and efficient way for people to contact your business and ask questions or schedule appointments.

You can ad a widget to your website or landing pages, allowing visitors to initiate a conversation with your business without leaving the website. By making it easy for potential customers to connect with your business, you can increase the likelihood of generating new leads and ultimately driving revenue growth.

You can create a WhatsApp widget and QR code here.

Let your patients book appointments on WhatsApp

The ability to easily schedule appointments through WhatsApp can streamline your booking process, reducing the chances of missed appointments and improving overall patient satisfaction.

When offering a range of options to customers, the WhatsApp list message feature can be handy. This type of message allows you to create a menu with up to 10 options, making it easy for patients to select the option that best suits their needs.

Additionally, you can integrate your existing software or calendar with WhatsApp so that booked appointments are automatically reflected in your calendar without having to update it manually.

By automating the process, you can increase efficiency, reduce administrative costs, and ensure patients receive timely reminders and updates about their upcoming appointments.

WhatsApp list message with a menu with up to 10 options

Send notifications to patients over WhatsApp

You can use WhatsApp to send notifications to patients about upcoming appointments, test results, or even prescription reminders to help ensure they take their medication on time.

When you connect WhatsApp to a customer communications platform like Rasayel, you can integrate it with your existing software such as CRM, and automate this entire process.

WhatsApp message for following up with customers.

Reply buttons are a powerful feature of WhatsApp messaging that can significantly enhance customer engagement with your business. Instead of typing out a response, customers tap on the answer they want to provide. This makes it incredibly easy and quick for them to engage with your business, which can increase response rates and improve the overall customer experience.

According to WhatsApp, interactive messages with reply buttons have a higher reply rate due to their simplicity and convenience. By leveraging this feature, you can create more effective and efficient messaging campaigns that lead to higher engagement and better results.

Use WhatsApp to send medical test results

Sending test results via WhatsApp can be a secure and convenient way for you to provide patients with their medical information. With its end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp can help ensure that test results are transmitted securely, protecting sensitive patient data from unauthorized access.

Moreover, sending test results via WhatsApp can be a more convenient option for patients, who can receive their results in real-time, without the need to schedule another appointment or wait for physical copies of their results to be sent via mail or picked up in person. This can be especially important in cases where patients need to receive their results quickly or require urgent medical attention.

Interactive message with an option to download medical test results.

Answer customer FAQs around the clock with a WhatsApp chatbot

Provide 24/7 customer support to patients by designing a bot that can answer their queries and address their concerns promptly and efficiently.

Use WhatsApp to promote health and wellness products

You can also use WhatsApp to promote health and wellness products, such as vitamins or supplements, to customers. You can do this through targeted messaging and personalized offers, leading to increased sales and customer loyalty.

Promotional interactive WhatsApp message

You can create a campaign with promotional or interactive messages in Rasayel in just a few minutes. By sending bulk messages, you can reach a large audience of customers, making it a highly efficient marketing strategy.

Offer discounts and special deals over WhatsApp

You can use WhatsApp to offer discounts or special deals on products or services, helping to increase customer engagement and drive sales.

Interactive message templates with CTA buttons offer a hassle-free way for customers to engage with your brand. This streamlined approach makes engaging customers easier and provides a more convenient and efficient experience. As a result, interactive message templates can increase response rates, improve customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive business growth.

Interactive WhatsApp message with a discount offer

Announce new products and services launches

Use WhatsApp to announce new products or services to customers, generating excitement and interest. Add buttons to your message to take them to your product page with a single tap. Buttons make it easy for them to check your products, giving you a higher chance of making sales.

Interactive WhatsApp message promoting new service

Offer general health advice over WhatsApp

You can use WhatsApp to provide general health advice to your customers. This can help customers make informed decisions about their health and wellness, and can ultimately lead to better health outcomes.

General health advice sent via WhatsApp

Conduct market research

You can use WhatsApp to conduct market research and gather customer feedback about your products and services. This can help you make informed decisions about your offerings and improve customer satisfaction.

One effective way to use interactive message templates is to ask for customer feedback and opinions. By providing reply buttons with various response options, you can gather valuable insights from your patients and improve their services accordingly. You can use this type of message to guide customers who have had positive experiences with their products or services to leave a review.

Interactive WhatsApp message for gathering customer feedback.

Benefits of using WhatsApp

Using WhatsApp in your healthcare business has several benefits. First and foremost, since most people already use WhatsApp daily, it is a familiar and convenient way for patients to get in touch with your brand.

Save time with automation

You can save time and streamline team collaboration in healthcare sales by automating routine tasks like appointment bookings and notifications. Utilize chatbots and automated messaging to reduce workload while providing instant customer support.

Increase engagement with interactive messages

The response rate for interactive messages on WhatsApp is significantly higher than for other forms of communication. This means using interactive messages allows you to engage with your customers more effectively and build better relationships.

Maximize lead generation and qualification

WhatsApp enables personalized communication with potential customers, attracting leads through targeted campaigns and personalized messaging. Two-way communication allows sales teams to qualify leads in real-time, streamlining the sales process and saving time and resources.

Chatbots are also crucial for lead generation and qualification, as they can be designed to ask specific questions to determine if potential customers qualify for your products or services.

Close deals with conversational sales

With the ease and accessibility of WhatsApp, your sales teams can provide customers with quick answers to their questions and address their concerns. Conversational sales allow for a more personalized and engaging experience that can lead to a higher conversion rate and increased customer satisfaction.

According to Medium, 52% of consumers would buy again from a business that has a live chat, while 79% of companies say live chat leads to more loyal customers and higher sales

WhatsApp also allows you to send multimedia content like product images and videos, further enhancing the customer experience.

Retain customers

Through personalized messaging and targeted campaigns, you can continue to engage with customers after the sale, providing ongoing support and building long-term relationships.

By providing personalized advice, support, and guidance, you can build strong customer relationships that keep them returning for more. The real-time nature of WhatsApp also means that waiting time for responses to customer inquiries, complaints, or feedback is minimized. This provides a positive customer experience that can help to build brand loyalty.

Supercharging WhatsApp with Rasayel

Picture this: You run a clinic specializing in bespoke aesthetic and medical services, and your phone is blowing up with WhatsApp messages from customers all day and night. But managing these conversations is just one piece of the puzzle.

To provide top-notch customer service, you must create personalized messaging campaigns, collaborate with your team members, and monitor conversations for quality assurance. With Rasayel’s customer communication platform, you can manage all of these tasks seamlessly, freeing up your time to focus on what really matters: providing exceptional healthcare services to your customers.

Centralize all communication channels

Rasayel helps you centralize your communication and support channels by providing a single platform to manage your WhatsApp conversations. With Rasayel, you can easily manage multiple WhatsApp numbers, streamlining communication and ensuring that all customer conversations are centralized in one place.

Overview of Rasayel’s interface

Run marketing campaigns

With WhatsApp’s high engagement rates and personalized marketing features, you can create targeted campaigns and build brand awareness amongst your customers. You can send customers promotional offers, discounts, and product updates via WhatsApp, enabling you to create a more direct and personalized connection with your audience.

Incorporating WhatsApp into your marketing strategy can give you a unique and effective way to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Message templates and interactive messages are powerful tools for brands using WhatsApp for sales. These templates can be sent directly from your customer communications platform allowing you to run WhatsApp marketing campaigns with pre-defined messages. These messages can be quickly sent to your customers for specific purposes, such as appointment reminders, delivery notifications, or order confirmations.

Overview of Rasayel’s Campaigns feature

Important: Ensure you comply with the WhatsApp Commerce Policy and WhatsApp Business Messaging Policy.

Personalize customer interactions

Our Campaigns feature simplifies sending bulk WhatsApp messages to a large group of customers. You can easily filter your customer list, compose your message, and send it to the selected customers.

With Rasayel, creating message templates, submitting them for approval by WhatsApp, and running promotional campaigns is a seamless task. Rasayel provides a user-friendly interface to create templates that can be customized to suit your business needs.

Once your templates are ready, they can be submitted for WhatsApp’s approval, ensuring compliance with their policies. Finally, you can easily send bulk messages to your customers, thanks to Rasayel’s efficient broadcasting system.

With features like customer segmentation, you can easily categorize your customers based on their preferences and needs, allowing you to create targeted messaging campaigns and offers that resonate with each customer.

Customer segmentation in Rasayel.

For instance, a skincare brand can segment customers based on skin type and send personalized messages recommending the best products for their unique needs.

Additionally, brands can use Rasayel’s messaging tools to automate personalized follow-up messages based on a customer’s purchase history or browsing behavior.


Collaboration is key to successful customer service. With the ability to assign conversations to specific team members or groups, collaboration in Rasayel is enhanced, ensuring that customers receive prompt and accurate responses. It also helps ensure no conversations fall through the cracks, improving the overall customer experience.

Permissions can be set to determine what team members can and cannot do with the assignment. This feature is handy for larger teams or organizations with multiple departments or locations.

Notes can be an extremely convenient tool for sharing relevant and helpful information within a team.

Notes feature in Rasayel

If you want to ensure someone on your team sees a conversation, you can turn the note mode on and @mention one of your teammates.

A WhatsApp conversation with private notes.

Rasayel offers an additional valuable feature, “Teams,” allowing your organization to establish user groups with customized visibility settings, promoting seamless cross-team collaboration and ultimately enhancing customer responsiveness.

Create a bot flow with our chatbot builder

Creating a WhatsApp chatbot from scratch can be a time-consuming and challenging task. However, there’s an easier way to achieve your desired result: by using a bot builder that you can customize to fit your specific business needs.

Fortunately, with the help of Rasayel, you can quickly create a chatbot without any hassle. In just a matter of minutes, you can create a chatbot flow to handle customer inquiries, offer personalized product recommendations, and provide instant support.

Chatbot builder in Rasayel.

Qualify leads and prospects

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do lead generation and qualification using WhatsApp chatbots:

  1. Make a list of repetitive processes and use cases that can be automated with a bot, for example, lead qualification.
  2. Create the bot flow for that use case. List the questions and their order in the flow.
  3. Create an action at the end of the flow depending on the customer’s answers. For example, automatically notify a sale rep.
  4. Follow up with them and nurture your leads etc.

With chatbots, you can automate lead qualification and streamline the sales process. Chatbots can help answer frequently asked questions, assign leads to the relevant team member, create lead profiles in seconds, and more.

Monitor results

To ensure a seamless customer experience, Rasayel allows you to monitor conversations and ensure quality assurance on WhatsApp, identify and resolve customer issues promptly, and deliver a better customer experience overall.

Overview of analytics in Rasayel.

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