50+ Approved WhatsApp Message Templates Examples for Every Industry

Esraa Osama
Last updated May 29, 2024
50+ Approved WhatsApp Message Templates Examples for Every Industry

If you are selling to and supporting your customers over WhatsApp, having a list of ready-to-go WhatsApp message templates is handy. Templates are messages you use to start a conversation with your customers. For recurring situations, such as when you want to send a payment confirmation to customers, it saves you a lot of time to have a list of templates that are already made, approved, and you can use quickly. In this article, we’ve put together a list of WhatsApp message template examples to save you time.

What is A WhatsApp Template?

WhatsApp message templates are pre-approved messages that businesses can use to initiate conversations with customers or send notifications and updates. Templates are particularly useful for sending messages that fall under WhatsApp’s “business-initiated” category, as they need to comply to specific WhatsApp template message guidelines to prevent spam & ensure a good user experience.

WhatsApp message template example.

Important Update by Meta: Per-user Messaging Limits

WhatsApp is introducing new per-user messaging limits to improve the quality of interactions. Starting globally from May 23rd 2024, these limits cap the total number of marketing messages a user can receive from all businesses combined - rather than from any individual business.

If a user exceeds this limit, additional messages won’t be delivered.

The specific number of messages users can receive and the time frame for these messages are not disclosed to businesses and may be adjusted in the future.

WhatsApp Template Messages for E-commerce

Use these templates to improve customer experience & drive sales by providing updates, promotions & exclusive offers. Here are some examples of WhatsApp message templates for e-commerce businesses:

1. Cart Abandonment

According to Baymard Institute, 69.99% of online shopping carts are abandoned. The data shows that the leading reason for this is that customers find extra costs—including shipping, taxes, and other extra fees—to be too high. This creates an opportunity to win back a customer who has left their cart by offering them discounts or free shipping. Here are 2 examples of message templates for such cases:

Hello {{1}}, We just noticed that you have an abandoned cart in our online store. Is there any way we could assist you with finishing your purchase?

  • I need assistance.
  • No, thanks.

Hello {{1}}, Thanks for checking out our store! We noticed that you did not buy the items that you had collected in your cart. We would like to offer you a {{2}} discount for the items you selected, Would you like to claim your discount and finish your shopping?- Yes - No

2. Order Confirmation

Hi {{1}}, thank you for your purchase. We have received your payment and will dispatch your {{2}} today. We will update you about its shipping status in the next few days.

Hello {{1}}, your order has been placed. You will receive your {{2}} by {{3}}. Thank you for your purchase.

3. Order Tracking

Order confirmation templates are designed to keep your customers informed & reassured after a purchase. These templates ensure that customers receive timely updates about their orders. With these templates, you can efficiently communicate order details, shipping status & other important information.

Hello {{1}}, your order of {{2}} has been dispatched today. Your tracking code is {{3}}. Please visit our website and use your tracking code to check its shipping status.

  • Shipping status

Hello {{1}}, your order of {{2}} was dispatched today. Your order tracking code is {{3}}. In the next few days, we will update you about its shipping status and the estimated arrival date. Thank you.

4. Shipping Update

Shipping update templates are used to keep customers informed about the status of their orders. These templates help manage customer expectations by providing timely updates on the shipment and delivery of their purchases.

Hi {{1}}, You will receive your order by {{2}}. Thank you for shopping with us. Have a great day!

Hello {{1}}, Your order reached the address you provided today at {{2}}. It was given to {{3}}. Thank you for your purchase.

5. Cash on Delivery

Cash on delivery (COD), also known as “collect on delivery” & “cash on demand,” is a payment method in which customers order goods and, upon arrival, decide whether they want to keep the goods or return them. If they choose to keep them, they will pay for them. Otherwise, the goods are taken back to the business.

As a business owner, you can minimize financial risk for COD goods by requiring a deposit or credit card information upfront. You can also use message templates to confirm orders before shipping. Here’s an example:

Step 1: Ask the customers to confirm or cancel their order before you send the order:

Hello {{1}}, We received your order of {{2}} with cash-on-delivery as your payment method. Please, select “Confirm” if you still want the item or “Cancel” if you’d like to cancel your order.

  • Confirm
  • Cancel

Step 2: Define a specific waiting time for your customers to reply to your previous message. If they did not reply, follow up with another template:

Hello {{1}}, We received your order of {{2}}. If you are still interested in receiving it, please select “Confirm”. If you are not interested anymore, please select “Cancel”. Thank you and have a lovely day!

  • Confirm
  • Cancel

Step 3: You can define a specific waiting time after your previous message and send another follow-up with a deadline for confirmation:

Hello {{1}}, We received your order of {{2}} with cash on delivery as your payment method. If you are still interested in receiving it, please select “Confirm” within the next 24 hours otherwise we’d have to cancel your order 🙁 Thank you, and have a beautiful day! ✨

  • Confirm
  • Cancel

You can decide how many times you’d follow up with a customer before you cancel their purchase. If you choose to cancel, it is a good idea to send them a cancellation confirmation.

5. Order Cancellation Confirmation

If a customer cancels an order, there are a number of things you could do. The easiest one is to send a simple message that confirms their cancellation. However, you could take other steps to save the sale or receive helpful feedback from the customers regarding their cancellations.

Simple cancellation message for an eCommerce business with a free-cancellation policy:

Hello {{1}}, This is to confirm that your order of {{2}} has been canceled. We have not charged your credit card. Have a nice day.

Simple cancellation message for an eCommerce business that incurs a charge after a specific date:

Hello {{1}}, we have received your cancellation request. Since you canceled {{2}} days before the delivery date, a cancellation fee of {{3}} has been incurred. Thank you and have a lovely day.

The following templates help you understand the reason for your customer’s cancellation so that you are able to offer a tailored solution to them:

Hello {{1}}, we received your cancellation request for the {{2}} you had ordered. We are very sorry to see that you are not interested in it anymore and will cancel it immediately. Would you like to tell us why you’d like to cancel?

  • High shipping cost
  • High product cost
  • Long waiting time

Depending on your customer’s answer to the previous question, you can save the sale with a follow-up template:

If their answer was “High shipping cost”:

Thank you for your feedback, {{1}}. We are happy to give you a {{2}} discount on your shipping. Would you like to claim it and keep your order or proceed with cancellation?

  • Claim the discount.
  • Cancel my order.

If their answer was “High product cost”:

Thank you for your response. We would like to offer you a {{2}} discount on your order. Would you like to claim it and keep your order or proceed with cancellation?

  • Claim the discount.
  • Cancel my order.

If their answer was “Long waiting time”:

‍Thank you for your response. We have express delivery options for our customers for {{1}} extra that we could reduce to {{2}} for you. With express delivery, your order should reach you in {{3}} days. Are you interested in it?

  • Claim the discount.
  • Cancel my order.

6. Order Review & Feedback

Hello {{1}}, Thank you for shopping with us. 🙏How did you find the {{2}} that you purchased recently?

  • I loved it.
  • Didn’t like it.

You can then ask your happiest customers to leave a review on your website and receive a discount for their next purchase:

Thank you for your feedback, {{1}}. We are very happy to hear that you loved {{2}}. Would you like to leave a review on our website and claim a 20% discount on your next purchase

  • Yes, I’ll review it.
  • No, thanks.

WhatsApp Template Messages for Education

Educational institutions can use WhatsApp message templates to streamline communication with students, parents & staff. Here are some examples:

1. Enrollment Confirmation

Hi {{1}}, your enrollment for the {{2}} course has been confirmed. Classes start on {{3}}. Welcome to our institution!

2. Exam Schedule Notification

Hello {{1}}, the exam schedule for {{2}} has been released. Please check your email for detailed information. Best of luck!

3. Payment Reminder

Hi {{1}}, this is a reminder that your payment for the {{2}} course is due on {{3}}. Please complete the payment to avoid any late fees.

WhatsApp Message Templates for Financial Institutes

Financial institutions can benefit from WhatsApp templates for timely updates and reminders. Here are some examples:

1. Transaction Confirmation

Hello {{1}}, your transaction of {{2}} has been successfully processed on {{3}}. Thank you for banking with us.

2. Account Balance Alert

Hi {{1}}, your account balance is {{2}} as of {{3}}. Please ensure you maintain the minimum required balance to avoid any penalties.

3. Loan Approval Notification

Congratulations {{1}}, your loan application for {{2}} has been approved. Please check your email for further details.

Hello {{1}}, we regret to inform you that your loan application for {{2}} has not been approved. Please check your email for more details and possible next steps. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact us.

WhatsApp Template Messages for Events & Webinars

Event organizers can use WhatsApp templates to keep participants informed about event details and updates.

1. Event Registration Confirmation

Hi {{1}}, thank you for registering for the {{2}} event on {{3}}. We look forward to seeing you there!

2. Event Reminder

Hello {{1}}, this is a reminder for the {{2}} event happening on {{3}}. Don’t forget to join us at {{4}}. See you soon!

3. Post-Event Feedback

Hi {{1}}, thank you for attending the {{2}} event. We would love to hear your feedback. Please fill out a short survey by clicking the button below.

  • Survey

WhatsApp Template Messages for Travel & Tourism

Travel agencies can use WhatsApp templates to inform customers about their bookings and travel details.

1. Booking Confirmation

Hello {{1}}, your booking for {{2}} has been confirmed. Your trip starts on {{3}}. Safe travels!

2. Travel Itinerary

Hi {{1}}, here is your itinerary for your upcoming trip to {{2}}. Please review the details and contact us if you have any questions.

  • Itinerary

3. Trip Reminder

Hi {{1}}, this is a reminder for your upcoming trip to {{2}} on {{3}}. Please ensure you have all necessary documents and items packed.

WhatsApp Template Messages for Insurance

Insurance companies can use WhatsApp templates to communicate with clients about their policies and claims.

1. Policy Renewal Reminder

Hello {{1}}, your insurance policy {{2}} is due for renewal on {{3}}. Please contact us to renew your policy and stay covered.

  • Contact our agents

2. Claim Status Update

Hi {{1}}, your claim for {{2}} has been received and is currently being processed. We will update you once the status changes.

3. Payment Confirmation

Hi {{1}}, we have received your payment for policy {{2}}. Thank you for choosing our insurance services.

General WhatsApp Business Message Templates

1. Welcome Messages (Automated Reply)

Hi! Thank you for your interest in (name of your business). How may we help you?

Hello there, Thank you so much for messaging us! We will make sure we get back to you soon :) Meanwhile, please let us know what we can do for you. Thank you!

Hello 👋 Welcome to (name of your business). We will respond to you within the next 24 hours. Thank you for your patience.

2. Away Messages (Automated Reply)

Thanks for contacting us! Our working hours are 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday. We will reply to your inquiry as soon as we are back. Have a lovely day.

Hello {{1}}, Thank you for your inquiry. We are currently out of the office for {{2}} holiday and will be back on {{3}}. We will respond to you as soon as we get back. Thank you for your patience.

Bonus: 10+ WhatsApp Promotional Messages

Regardless of what industry you are in, promotional WhatsApp messages are a simple and cost-effective way for you to increase sales.

Let’s say you’ve launched a new product & would like to announce it to your customers. You can create an interactive message template with information about your new product with whatsapp buttons that direct the recipients to your website & help them make a purchase.

Since you’re promoting a product to your customers on WhatsApp, they can easily reply to your message, ask you questions & get answers at their fingertips. Here’s a list of whatsApp Promotional WhatsApp Message Templates for every scenario:

1. New Product Launch

Hello {{1}}, We have some exciting news! 🥳 We just launched our {{2}}. Our customers requested it many times, and now the wait is finally over. Head over to our website and check it out for yourself. We hope you like it. 🤩

Hi {{1}}, We have just launched our {{2}} 😍 and we’re giving early access to our current customers before we make it public. Would you like to check it out for yourself?

  • I like to know more.|
  • Remind me later.

2. Exclusive Discount

Hi {{1}}, we have an exclusive discount just for you! Use the code {{2}} at checkout to get {{3}}% off your next purchase. Shop Now

3. Free Shipping

Hi {{1}}, enjoy free shipping on all orders over {{2}}! Shop now and save on delivery costs.

  • Shop Now

4. New Collection

Hello {{1}}, our new collection {{2}} is here! Explore the latest trends and update your wardrobe today. Shop Now

5. Promotional Offers

Hello {{1}}, It is summertime, which means our summer sales are back! 🤩 We are offering up to 30% discount on selected items. Follow this link to view the items on sale. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us. Happy shopping! ☺️

Hi there {{1}}, Our end-of-year sale has already started! 🥳 Get up to 50% discount on our products before they run out! Follow this link to have a quick look at the discounted items. Happy shopping!

6. Restocked Products

Hello {{1}}, The wait is over! 🥳 Our {{2}} are back on the shelves, and you can now buy them from our online store. Here is the link to check them out. Have a lovely day!

Hello {{1}}, Exciting news! 🥳 We’ve just restocked our {{2}} since it was requested many times. You can check it out here. Have a great day!

7. Early Access

Hello {{1}}, Thanks for being our customer ♥️ We have just launched a new feature called {{2}}, and we are giving early access to our loyal customers. Follow this link to enjoy your early access. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Hi there {{1}}, We love having you as our customer ♥️ As a thank you for your loyalty, we’d like to offer you early access to our new tool. We call it {{2}}. Would you like to have a tour?

  • Yes
  • No

8. Loyalty Reward

Hi {{1}}, as a valued customer, we are offering you {{2}} loyalty points on your next purchase. Thank you for your continued support! Shop Now

9. Referral Program

Hello {{1}}, refer a friend and both of you get {{2}}% off your next purchase. Spread the word and save together!

  • Shop Now

10. Back in Stock

Hello {{1}}, great news! Your favorite item {{2}} is back in stock. Order now before it sells out again!

  • Shop Now

11. Product Feedback

Hi {{1}}, we’d love to hear your thoughts on {{2}}. Share your feedback and enjoy {{3}}% off your next purchase as a thank you! Shop Now

How to Send WhatsApp Templates Today?

Using Rasayel, you can easily create, submit & send WhatsApp templates. Rasayel uses AI to speed up the process, optimizing your message content to increase approval rates and engagement. This ensures that your communications are both compliant with WhatsApp’s guidelines and impactful for your audience.

Once approved, you can send your template messages using Rasayel’s interface.

Template creator in Rasayel.


These WhatsApp message template examples can help you have effective customer communication, save time, ensure, compliance with WhatsApp guidelines & help maintain a consistent brand voice.

WhatsApp message templates allow for timely responses, personalized communication, and improved customer satisfaction. Using tools like Rasayel, you can streamline the creation, submission, and sending of these templates. This automation saves time and ensures that your messages are compliant with WhatsApp’s guidelines and impactful for your audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

WhatsApp has set limits on the number of marketing messages a user can receive from all businesses. If the limit is exceeded, additional messages won’t be delivered. The specific number of messages and the time frames are not disclosed.

WhatsApp approves messages that comply with their guidelines, focusing on preventing spam and ensuring a good user experience.

Approval can take from a few minutes to up to 24 hours.

No, once a template is approved, it cannot be edited. You must submit a new template for approval if changes are needed.

Yes, there are size limits for media files: 16 MB for videos, images, and documents.

No. You only need to submit a template with a sample (example) of a media file. Once approved, you can send the template with any media attached.

Templates should follow specific formatting rules, including placeholders for dynamic content and correct use of text formatting options.

Rejections typically occur due to non-compliance with guidelines, such as inappropriate content, lack of necessary details, or incorrect formatting.

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