Sales Activity Logging on HubSpot: How to Guide

Miodrag Magyar
Last updated January 5, 2024
Sales Activity Logging on HubSpot: How to Guide

Whether you’re focused on nurturing leads, automating customer support, empowering your sales teams, or seamlessly managing events, our HubSpot integration offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to elevate customer experiences to new heights and fuel exponential business growth. Activity Logging on HubSpot provides users with a comprehensive record of interactions and activities between your sales team and your customers on WhatsApp within the HubSpot platform.

If you haven’t yet connected your WhatsApp account with Hubspot, read our guide on Rasayel’s WhatsApp Hubspot Integration.

What is Activity Logging?

In this context, the feature logs WhatsApp messages exchanged between you and your contacts. Each time you send or receive a new message on WhatsApp, Rasayel will record that activity in HubSpot.

Example of Activity logging in Hubspot

This functionality ensures that you have a detailed context and history of your communication with each contact. The log includes the content of each message, the time it was sent or received, and the involved parties. This is particularly useful for keeping track of customer relationships, following up on inquiries, and understanding the communication patterns and needs of your contacts.

Moreover, by using Activity Logging, you can maintain a clear and organized database of interactions. It eliminates the need for manual tracking and the risk of human error, allowing for a more efficient and accurate account of communications.

All in all, the integration of WhatsApp messaging into HubSpot via Rasayel enhances communication management, making it more streamlined and effective.

Why Log Sales Activity in Hubspot?

Activity Logging is very beneficial for sales agents who work on two fronts: Rasayel and HubSpot. Instead of sifting through conversations in Rasayel to obtain information on a specific client, team members can conveniently access the relevant context by reviewing the comprehensive logs.

Furthermore, Activity Logging proves to be invaluable for businesses with diverse teams using different platforms. For instance, if the sales team operates on HubSpot while the customer support team works on Rasayel, accessing information about a client who has interacted with the customer support team becomes seamless. There’s no need to switch between platforms; they can simply view the Activity Logging for that particular contact, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow for cross-team collaboration.

How to use activity logging in HubSpot with Rasayel?

To access Activity Logging, go to Rasayel and click on a contact from your contact list or directly from a conversation. Next, click “View in HubSpot.”

Contact details in Rasayel

This will open the contact details in HubSpot. To view Activity Logging, click “Filter activity.” Here, there is a section for integrations. Select “WhatsApp for Sales.”

Once you filter the activities, you can see entries titled “WhatsApp for Sales” and the name of the channel. In this example, the channel name is 360Dialog WhatsApp (DialogCloudWaba). The name of the channel is included, as you can have different conversations with the same contact on separate channels.

List of Activity loggs in Hubspot

By providing this level of detail in the activity log, users can easily identify and track interactions across multiple channels with a single contact, ensuring a comprehensive overview of all communication history.

How does Activity Logging work?

Whenever you receive a message in Rasayel or send a message to a customer, that activity is logged in HubSpot.

A WhatsApp conversation in Rasayel

So, in this conversation, a “client” sent a message, and an “agent” replied to them. Now both activities are logged under the same entry in HubSpot.

Activity log in Hubspot

When is a new activity is logged?

In the previous example, two messages are logged under the same activity. As the agent and the client continue interacting, all subsequent activities are grouped under this same log. However, if 24 hours elapse after the last message is sent, any new messages beyond that period will be treated as a separate log entry.

This helps to maintain a clear and organized record of interactions between the agent and the client.


Activity Logging on HubSpot offers a powerful way to maintain a comprehensive record of interactions with customers. The WhatsApp HubSpot integration is crucial for sales and customer support teams, allowing them to efficiently manage and track all communications within a single platform. With the ability to log every interaction, teams can ensure they have the complete context for each customer, leading to more personalized and effective communication strategies. This not only enhances customer relationships but also boosts the efficiency and productivity of your team by reducing the need for manual tracking and minimizing human errors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Activity Logging on HubSpot is a feature that records all interactions and activities between your sales team and your customers on WhatsApp within the HubSpot platform. It logs every message sent and received, including the content, time, and involved parties.

To connect your WhatsApp account with HubSpot, you can follow the guide on Rasayel’s WhatsApp HubSpot Integration. This will guide you through the process step by step.

Logging activities in HubSpot is important because it provides a centralized, comprehensive view of customer interactions. This is especially useful for sales agents using multiple platforms like Rasayel and HubSpot, as it allows easy access to relevant client information and enhances cross-team collaboration.

Yes, the Activity Logging feature in HubSpot allows you to track interactions across multiple WhatsApp channels. Each activity log will include the name of the channel, ensuring a comprehensive overview of all communication history with a single contact.

A new activity is logged in HubSpot if 24 hours elapse after the last message is sent in a conversation. Any new messages beyond that period are treated as a separate log entry, helping to maintain a clear and organized record of interactions.

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